David Carradine in Kung Fu: The Legend Continues © Warner Bros
David Carradine in Kung Fu: The Legend Continues © Warner Bros

The sad news of David Carradine’s death earlier today turned into shocking news, as it was later reported that the actor had apparently committed suicide. His body was found in his suite at the Nai Lert Park Hotel In Bangkok, where he was filming Stretch.

Lt Teerapop Luanseng said that the 72 year-old actor was found by a hotel maid hanging in the closet of his room, with a cord used with the suite’s curtains. The first reports indicated that the actor had committed suicide, but now the police have suggested that he died when a sex act called auto-erotic asphyxiation went wrong.

Carradine’s family has gone to the FBI to request they look into his death, as they believe he was murdered. Hopefully the results from the coroner’s office in Bangkok will shed light on this tragedy.

Currently, though, foul play is not suspected as there were no signs that he had been assaulted. Carradine’s attorney and long time friend Vicki Roberts is asking the media and public not to draw any conclusions about the actor’s death, saying she is hoping it will be proven that he did not commit suicide.

Carradine, whose career spanned decades, is best known for his role as Kwai Chang Caine in the 1970s TV series Kung Fu, and played Caine’s grandson in the 1990s series Kung Fu: The Legend Continues.

David Carradine in Kill Bill: Volume 2 © Buena Vista

He was nominated in 2004 for a Golden Globe Award for his performance in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill – Vol 2.

Nobody was as stunned over David Carradine’s death than my brother Michael Sloan, who produced Kung Fu: The Legend Continues. He told me today, ‘David was gifted and a wonderfully warm-hearted guy with a great sense of humor. I’ll miss him very much.’

As an actress, I appeared in an episode of the series, and found David to be very professional and kind.

Judy Sloane

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