The Courthouse Square
The Courthouse Square
The Courthouse Square

Last June, a devastating fire destroyed four acres of Universal Studio’s historic backlot. Among the treasures to be decimated by the flames was the soundstage housing the King Kong portion of the tour, and Courthouse Square, which was widely known as Hillsboro’s Main Square in the Back to the Future trilogy. It was also seen in Bruce Almighty, The Nutty Professor, The Music Man and To Kill a Mockingbird.

Characters in front of the Courthouse
Characters in front of the courthouse

Only a year after the massive destruction, a marching band and famous Universal Pictures ‘characters,’ including Dr Emmett Brown from Back to the Future and Sherman Klump from The Nutty Professor, welcomed the first tram to the re-opening of Courthouse Square. This marks a milestone in the largest set construction project in Hollywood history. All four acres that were wiped out in the fire scheduled to be completed in the spring of next year.

The video of the event can be found here


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