Tyrese Gibson © Paramount Pictures

Josh Dulamel and Tyrese Gibson return to the Transformers franchise with Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, as field commanders Major Lennox and USAF Master Sergeant Epps, working with the Autobot robots to keep Humanity safe from the evil Decepticons, who are still hiding on Earth.

Could you talk about the military training for this film and how that changed from the first film?

Tyrese Gibson © Paramount Pictures
Tyrese Gibson © Paramount Pictures

Tyrese I would say that the first go-round was much more intense than the second one because we went into it not knowing too much or nothing about the Air Force, the military, the Navy Seals and the categories of soldiers, so I worked closely with somebody called a CCT which is a combat controller. I have to have dialogue to communicate with all the aircraft. That dialogue is very difficult and, with Michael, when we’re saying the dialogue we’ve got to make sure that we cater to the real, authentic dialogue of the Air Force. We had to create a balance to make sure that the common folks, who don’t understand that language, could understand it too. So, it was a bit of a challenge, especially with all of the explosions and stuff going on around.

Josh Duhamel © Paramount Pictures
Josh Duhamel © Paramount Pictures

Josh Yeah, the first one, we had a few days out in Fort Irwin, and the second time we just sort of jumped into it. I was in New York and just had a bit of a refresher course. There were a number of people from all facets of the military and I think we both took a lot of pride in trying to represent the military as closely as we could. I’ve got a lot of friends in the military, and an Aunt over in Iraq. So that was my main focus; to try to represent them all and make them proud. And, if we didn’t, they would let us know.

You guys are running throughout the entire movie, how did you get physically in shape?

Josh Honestly, you’re out there literally sweating all day long and you don’t have a lot of energy.

Tyrese Running in the sand too.

Josh Tyrese and I worked out a little bit. Before I started the first one, I remember Michael told me, ‘Come ready. Be in shape. I demand a lot of my male actors, especially in these movies’, so I did. I just tried to be as strong as I could. We worked out twice a day though. We worked out before we went to the set, and after the set we would get our five miles in.

What were your favorite memories of making this film?

Tyrese I think our roles were so much more serious than the first round because there are so many moments, comedic-wise throughout the film. I think, the outcome, Michael wanted us to play it a little more serious to raise the stakes and the pressure of what’s really going on, which was fine. I enjoyed doing the funny stuff to try and create a balance, but I just overall had fun with the experience and we all vibed and were laughing and having big parties and good energy on the set. There’s so much pressure on the set because Michael runs a real tight ship, keeps everybody on the edge and everybody full throttle.  It’s like, ‘Man, if I don’t do a party, I’m going to go crazy right now’. I tried to keep everybody, all the crew, the cast, everybody having fun while we were working.

Josh He took the night shift. I guess the most fun I had was throwing the National Security Advisor off the plane. It was just a fun scene to do and there was a stunt involved; that was probably the most memorable; that or the gigantic bomb that went off.

Tyrese Yeah, we made history. It was the biggest practical explosion in the history of film-making.

Judy Sloane

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