Torchwood, on the defensive... © BBC
Torchwood, on the defensive... © BBC
Torchwood, on the defensive... © BBC

After the adrenalin rush of the first episode comes a slower offering. Well, it seemed slower, although in retrospect quite a lot went on!

Yes, Jack has been blown to bits, but a recovered chunk starts to regenerate. I do wonder if any of the other chunks still buried will form their own Jacks at some point. And, speaking of chunks, are all the men in Cardiff rather chubby – including Jack and Ianto? Don’t know what Gwen sees in the round Rhys! (and why does he take so long to get dressed?)

A silly slight shift of perspective when it finally dawned on me that government bod John Frobisher did not live in Cardiff. Obvious really – a bit of a commute from Cardiff – but I think it was all caught with so many establishing shots last episode.

Having found her way into the deepest govenrment secrets within the first few hours of her job, intrepid secretary Lois Habiba wastes no time in deciding who are the good and bad guys and passing secrets to Gwen. And… I saw Gwen’s address on Lois’s computer screen, yet Johnson needed a local cop to tell her where Gwen lived. Hmmm…

And I find myself almost liking Gwen this episode!! And that’s quite a change for me! Her character has seemed quite inconsistant, being strong, weak, dumb and clever within the space of a few episodes, but this episode she actually seemed to know what she was doing! It must be the end of the world…

A bit of a let down? © BBC
A bit of a let down? © BBC

Another derring-do escape plan that was so full of coincidences that it stretched credulity to breaking point, but in the spirit of the series, never mind about that, it was quite fun.

I suppose at this point we’re supposed to be thinking that the story is turning into a variation of Contact (or Object Z Returns or A for Andromeda for older viewers) with the alien device being built. I’m expecting a twist later about this (and from the trailer we know a beam of light is involved), but with 3 episodes to go, a lot more must be on the way.

This episode’s cliff-hanger wasn’t! “Man blows breath on glass” doesn’t seem to have much oomph to it, and it didn’t. Just as well the tease followed, although we’d already had one in the episode, with the children chanting, “We are coming, tomorrow”…

[rating: 3]


Jan Vincent-Rudzki

UK editor of Film Review Online