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Torchwood – Children of Earth: Day 3 – Review

The last of Torchwood? © BBC
The last of Torchwood? © BBC

So here we are at the half-way point of the story. The aliens who use children to speak finally arrive, the Torchwood team easily turns to crime and secrets are revealed, but there should be tension you could cut with a knife, and it’s missing…

This should have been an episode oozing with menace and doom, where every second brings us to a dreaded conclusion. But it wasn’t! Mainly, I’d say, that while a few people in Whitehall sit around a table, or stare at a thrashing ‘thing’ in a tank, the rest of the populace goes about its business as if nothing has happened. Really, this episode should have been nail-biting. And the over-used ploy of using news broadcasts doesn’t work any more…

Perhaps if the streets had been emptied it might have helped, but with comical scenes, such as the house full of children, too much tension went out the window. And all the government officials and generals seem to do is sit around and talk. And I wonder when this script was written, as I don’t quite see Obama as a president who would be reported as being “furious”… (And weren’t the American curious why the aliens were called ‘456’?)

It was fun to have the ‘Mission: Impossible’ contact lenses. Lucky, though, that the aliens the lenses came from have eyes exactly like ours, whatever, a nice touch.

Convincing Peter Capaldi as John Frobisher © BBC
Convincing Peter Capaldi as John Frobisher © BBC

Peter Capaldi’s John Frobisher remains the best and most credible character, and I believed in his fear. At least he looked scared by the thrashing thing in the tank, unlike the rest in the room who seemed slightly disturbed. I think most people would have run for their lives…

A touching moment was Gwen being reunited with Clem, but it also made me realize that Jack and Ianto actually show very little affection for each other, or share anything more than a sexual relationship. There should be ‘something’ between them, unspoken words, but it’s all rather mechanical. But then, Gwen and Rhys don’t really display much affection between each other either.

Roll on the next episode, when I hope things start to get going…

[Rating: 2]