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Warehouse 13 – Joanne Kelly

Joanne Kelly portrays Myka Bering, a tough and experienced Secret Service Agent who is abruptly transferred to a new assignment, thrown together with Agent Pete Lattimer (Eddie McClintock) to search out strange, supernatural artifacts that could be dangerous, and bring them to Warehouse 13, a top secret storage facility in South Dakota.

What was it about the character of Myka that made you want to play the role for perhaps seven years?

Joanne Kelly © The Sci-Fi Channel
Joanne Kelly © The Sci-Fi Channel

There’s not a lot of women characters that are written as dynamically as Myka is. And I was so excited that she was so smart and has a history and a past and is vulnerable at times, and strong at others, and funny and dramatic and sad. I really is such a round role and I was so drawn to it when I read the script right off the bat.

What is the relationship between Myka and Pete in the series?

I think there’s a healthy sense of competition between two professionals as per The X-Files. I think that show was darker, it was much more serious in tone. Ours is a little whimsical. Eddie plays someone who is very impulsive and goes with is gut, and my character is kind of freakishly organized and very structured. So they bounce off each other in really fun ways. There’s so much that these characters learn from one another, and you see these two people gradually open up to one another and I think that’s really special.

Pete is thrilled with the new assignment at Warehouse 13, but Myka acts like it is a punishment – why is that?

Joanne Kelly © The Sci-Fi Channel
Joanne Kelly © The Sci-Fi Channel

I think when anyone is thrust into a situation where they’re not given the facts or the whole truth behind it, there is a bit of apprehension or reticence. Her journey opens up a lot more as the series progresses. But I think in life when we are given a situation that is strange and at this point almost inconceivable, it’s pretty wild, and this is somebody who thinks in black and white and she’s proven wrong by the warehouse, by the every existence of it.

I don’t think this is anything that she had ever dreamt could be possible. And I think the lack of answers and the lack of factual documents or the lack of guidance affect her and makes her push against that idea. But her reaction changes and grows as she learns more and more about the warehouse.

How physically challenging is this role for you, do you do your own stunts?

Joanne Kelly and Eddie McClintock © The Sci-Fi Channel
Joanne Kelly and Eddie McClintock © The Sci-Fi Channel

I have a stunt person, but we’ve only used her once. I was an athlete when I grew up, and I really enjoy the physicality of this role. It’s really challenging and fun. It’s like you get to be a kid and run around with a gun. How cool is that? The physical part of it is a big part of my character because she’s very capable. So I’m having a blast doing all those punches and kicks.

Are you a Sci-Fi ‘nerd’?

Battlestar Galactica is an amazing show, and I’ve seen some of that. We didn’t have TV where I grew up so I was a Tolkien fanatic and I love a lot of Sci Fi genre books. So I was excited about the sense of wonder and imagination that [this series] has.