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Based on the popular book by Audrey Niffenegger, The Time Traveler’s Wife stars Eric Bana as Henry, a man cursed with a rare genetic anomaly that causes him to live his life on a shifting timeline, skipping back and forth through the years with no control. He has loved Clare (Rachel McAdams) for her entire life, and although his time travels force them apart with no warning, Clare is determined to build a life with her one true love.

While he was in New York, Eric Bana spoke about the movie.

What were the difficulties Henry and Clare faced because of time travel, where they can be separated without a moment’s notice?

Eric Bana © New Line Cinema

It’s very difficult for them in terms of how much control they have over their own destinies. In any love story, you need things that dramatically drive and test the relationship, and our two characters obviously have plenty of that. But their relationship ultimately has enough building blocks that you believe they are truly in love. I think it’s a very intimate and moving story and it leaves you with a lot to think about.

What was the biggest attraction to you about playing the role of Henry?

It gave me room to make choices about what was right for the role at different times. We all change over time; none of us is the same person we were 10 years ago. Life makes an imprint on us – how we behave, how much patience we have, how forgiving we are, how stubborn, so playing Henry at different ages allowed me to explore different sides of the same person and the impact on his relationship with Clare.

Was there a time where fate played a part in your life?

Eric Bana © New Line Cinema

I think it’s kind of daunting when you look at the people in your life and how you find each other and what brings you together, whether it’s work or a mutual friend. I’m always fascinated by that, so I think the relationships that we all have with the people close to us are direct descendants of all those movements we’ve made, whether it’s someone you’ve met at a bookstore or at a racetrack or at school, or as a result of what you do as a job. Then you get to a point in your life and you look around you and you think about how you came together.

Would you like to get a visit from your older self?

I think my 20-year-old self could do with a visit from myself now, but I don’t know if I’d want to hear from a future version of me, I like the unknown and I like mystery so I don’t think I’d want to know too much actually.

Do you have any metaphysical beliefs about anything that’s out there rather than what’s here?

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Yeah, I really believe there’s a force in our lives sometimes that draws us towards things or events, that sounds like a quote from the film, but some things do pull you in, music has an amazing affect on me, and that’s something that’s not tangible, so I think there’s magic in all of our lives that we all identify.

Judy Sloane

Judy is Film Review Online's regular Los Angeles based reporter.