Dollhouse creator Joss Whedon © Fox Searchlight Picture
Dollhouse creator Joss Whedon © Fox Searchlight Picture

We rejoin Joss Whedon, now accompanied by actress Olivia William who plays Adelle DeWitt, to hear their comments about the character of Echo who constantly has her mind wiped, and the all-important shower scenes with the young casts….

Eliza Dushku as Echo
Eliza Dushku as Echo © Fox Searchlight Pictures

One of the common criticisms among viewers was that since Echo is kind of a tabula rosa at the end of most of the episodes. It is kind of hard to connect to her as a character, and she is the central character. Regarding Season Two, you spoke about all of the personalities being downloaded into her at once. How do you envision people being able to connect with Echo if in the end she is blank again? Is she going to be that well impacted by all of those downloads?

Whedon I just mentioned that she sort of has gone to a new level this season and we will see that she has a cohesiveness and a mission that make every engagement mean a great deal more to her and she has, as Echo, her own agenda which is something she didn’t quite have and we did sort of build to that in Omega where she had been dumped with all the personalities and we heard her say her name. At the end of this episode we are going to see how far she’s come and it’s a little further than the people around her know. So we are addressing that exact thing.

Okay so even after the wipe she is going to have a personality that we will see?

Whedon We are going to see her as we know her and then we are going to see something very different. And that is pretty much all I can say.

In the early part you talked about defining the show in the first season and it seemed that a lot of it had to do with that you had very attractive people here doing shower scenes then it became something more that you were aiming towards. Can you talk more about that and perhaps the pressures that you have from the network.

Whedon The network did not pressure us to have shower scenes in every episode – that just sort of happened naturally. But actually we haven’t broken a story with a shower scene yet. We are a little disappointed in ourselves and we know we have let American down too.

Eliza Dusku and Olivia Williams
Eliza Dusku and Olivia Williams © Fox Searchlight Pictures

Williams I want to know when Adelle [her character] gets into the shower. That is the main thing.

Whedon Sweeps!

They were not pressuring us to make the show sexier or edgier. They were pressuring us to make the show safer basically. And easier to take and which is completely understandable on a perfectly reasonable agenda, it is just I’m not very good at that. So if there is something in the show that seems a little bit off or maybe a little bit racy, know that that was me.  That was totally me and Andrew Chambliss. The other writers are all Mormons

Williams I should stand up for the shower scenes because I think they are really interesting, philosophical idea that what they show are the dolls as men and women in a naked state and they can shower together with no reaction. This is part of the philosophy of how the dollhouse exists and when that starts to malfunction I thought that was one of the most interesting plot points


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