Merlin Season 2 - Season artwork © BBC
Merlin Season 2 - Season artwork showing Gwen (Angel Coulby), Gaius (Richard Wilson), Morgana (Katie McGrath), Merlin (Colin Morgan), Arthur (Bradley James) & Uther (Anthony Head) © BBC

The magic is back – bigger, bolder and more action-packed than ever – as the hit family fantasy series, Merlin, returned to Saturday nights from 19th September in the UK on BBC 1

Mackenzie Crook, who guest-stars in the spell-binding opening episode of series two of Merlin, was looking forward to being a part of the show – but even more excited was his young son. “I was a big fan of the first series of Merlin. I watched it with my son, Jude. He has met everyone from Johnny Depp to Al Pacino to Steven Spielberg – but he has never been more star-struck than when he met Colin [Morgan, who plays Merlin]!”

Colin Davies

The editor of Film Review Online