Sarah Jane (Elisabeth Sladen) © BBC
Clyde Langer (Daniel Anthony), Luke Smith (Tommy Knight), Rani Chandra (Anjli Mohindra), and Sarah Jane (Elisabeth Sladen) © BBC

Ex-Doctor Who companion Sarah Jane Smith returns for a third season of her spin-off series of adventures battling alien invaders and home-grown horrors right here on Earth. Rumours are that this season will reflect the scope and success of the first season, and an added bonus for Doctor Who fans will be the appearance of current, and outgoing Doctor Who, David Tennant in one of the two-part stories.

As the time gets closer to the screening of the series, the BBC has just released this artwork.

The show is said by some to be better than the other Doctor Who spin off Touchwood and some say it is better than even the current Doctor Who. The first season was well received but the second was not considered good but quite so good.

From October 15th, 2009 you will be able to judge for yourself how the third shapes up

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