Episode 3 of 13. First transmission on Saturday October 3rd, 2009 (UK)

The official details about the episode are as follows…

When Morgana’s nightmares spill into her waking hours she becomes terrified that she has magic powers, as the family drama continues.

Gaius is determined to keep her in the dark for her own good, but Merlin won’t stand by and watch his friend suffer. He knows exactly what she is going through and knows she needs to hear the truth. Is he about to reveal his secret at last?

Wilfully disobeying Gaius, meanwhile, Merlin risks everything to help Morgana – without guessing what the far-reaching consequences might be. Lives are in danger, loyalties are tested and Morgana is reunited with the strange young druid boy Mordred (Asa Butterfield), whom the Dragon has predicted will one day kill Arthur.

Morgana is played by Katie McGrath, Gaius by Richard Wilson, Merlin by Colin Morgan, Mordred by Asa Butterfield, the Dragon by John Hurt and Arthur by Bradley James.


Colin Davies

The editor of Film Review Online