Sarah Jane (Elisabeth Sladen) and The Doctor (David Tennant) in the TARDIS © BBC
Luke (Tommy Knight), Sarah Jane (Elisabeth Sladen), Clyde (Daniel Anthony), Rani (Anjli Mohindra) and The Doctor (David Tennant) who steps out of the TARDIS © BBC

The BBC has released new pictures from the third series of the Sarah Jane Adventures. These are from the third story The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith (the second of the two-parter, episode 6) where the Doctor meets Sarah Jane again.

Sarah Jane Smith first met the Doctor back in the days when Jon Pertwee played the Time traveller. In her first adventure with him she met the Sontarans and not long after saw the Doctor regenerate into Tom Baker. Only a few years later she was abandoned back on Earth.

In School Reunion she encountered the Doctor again, who was now in the guise of David Tennant.

The Doctor (David Tennant) and Luke (Tommy Knight), (background) Rani (Anjli Mohindra) and Clyde (Daniel Anthony) © BBC

Since then she has had her own series, now in its third year and although during this time she has seen the Sontanans again and re-met the Brigadier, this story marks the first time she is joined by the Doctor.

For those who have missed a series with the Doctor this year of only four specials, this will give a fix before the second of those specials airs in November. The other two specials are due for Christmas day and New Year’s Day… when we can expect a regeneration!

The Sarah Jane Adventures story The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith can be seen in the UK on October 29th and 30th, 2009

Note: This report refers to UK airdates