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Spooks - Lucas North (Richard Armitage) © Kudos

Pictured above: Spooks Season 8, Episode 4 – Lucas North (Richard Armitage) © Kudos

Episode 4 of 8

First transmission on Friday November 20th, 2009 (UK)

Spooks Season 8, Episode 4 – The official details are as follows…

Lucas North’s past catches up with him this week when his former Russian prison torturer, Oleg Darshavin, turns up with intelligence about a Sudanese terror attack on London, as the spy drama continues. However, Darshavin’s information comes at a price and it’s one Harry and Ros are not willing to pay.

Despite their reservations, Harry and Ros agree to Lucas meeting Darshavin as he requests. But their fears that Darshavin still has a hold over Lucas are soon realised when Lucas goes off the radar and meets Darshavin at his own flat.

Lucas struggles to keep control of the situation but manages to bring Darshavin to the verge of revealing the target – until CIA officer Sarah Caulfield turns up and throws the entire operation into jeopardy. With Lucas and his lover’s lives in danger, he has to use all his powers of persuasion to get the Sudanese terrorist’s name out of Darshavin and keep himself and Sarah alive.

Section D soon tracks the terrorist down but, before Ros can get to him, he’s assassinated and Section D is back to square one. The only person who can help them is Darshavin, but Lucas has lost his trust and Darshavin clearly has his own personal agenda.

Meanwhile, Harry begins to realise there may be a traitor in their midst and he tips off Sarah’s boss, Samuel Walker, about the covert intelligence meeting in Basel. However, a CIA traitor will stop at nothing to ensure their cover remains intact – even if they’re left with blood on their hands.

Lucas is played by Richard Armitage, Oleg Darshavin by Emil Hostina, Harry by Peter Firth, Ros by Hermione Norris, Sarah by Genevieve O’Reilly and Samuel Walker by Brian Protheroe.

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