Spooks 8 - PETER FIRTH
Spooks 8 - PETER FIRTH as Harry Pearce TX: TBC (c) Kudos

Picture above: Spooks Season 8 – Harry Pearce (Peter Firth) © Kudos

Episode 7 of 8

First transmission on Friday December 11th, 2009 (UK)

The official details are as follows…

When a Pakistani intelligence officer is stabbed to death in south London, Dickie, the head of the Pakistani intelligence service in London, wants to talk. Dickie tells Harry Pearce and Ros Myers that he has been running an asset who has infiltrated a group of Hindu nationalists, led by Harish Dhillon.

Dhillon’s group is planning an attack targeting Muslims and, with tensions between the Hindu and Muslim communities riding high, a furious Harry demands that Dickie hand over his asset – 17-year-old Ashok Veerkal.

A Muslim with a Hindu name, Ashok is terrified of Dhillon and is desperate to cut ties with him. But there’s too much at stake and Section D applies pressure to find out when and where the attack will happen.

Ashok manages to discover the details of the attack but, just as Section D are about to swoop, they learn that Dhillon’s handler is working with CIA agent Sarah Caulfield.

Ashok is forced to stay undercover, but Dhillon’s handler knows there is a traitor, leaving Ashok in the firing line. Section D is desperate to prevent a war breaking out on British soil between the Muslim and Hindu communities, but how far will they go to stop it?

Dickie is played by Harmage Singh Kalirai, Harry Pearce by Peter Firth, Ros Myers by Hermione Norris, Harish Dhillon by Paul Sharma, Ashok Veerkal by Ashley Kumar and Sarah Caulfield by Genevieve O’Reilly.

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