Mickey (Adrian Lester) © Kudos

Season 6 Episode 4 of 6

First transmission on Monday January 25th, 2010 (UK)

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The gang are just about to close a deal worth £50K – that is, until Sean is distracted by someone with whom he has a score to settle, as the drama about a team of con artists continues. Sean lets the mark walk off with the money while he pursues this man, who Emma is shocked to discover is none other than Rex Kennedy – Sean and Emma’s dad, who walked out on them 25 years ago.

Sean is determined to get even and wants to con his dad to get the money he owes in back-dated child support. The gang are dubious but Sean is adamant he wants to go through with it, so they reluctantly agree.

Rex is a property developer so Sean decides to run a version of the “treasure map” con. Mickey poses as a surveyor interested in buying Rex’s land and, while visiting the site, they spot Sean, a treasure hunter with a metal detector who finds, and then hides, a jewel-encrusted bracelet in the mud. When Rex spots this he later visits the site to take it for himself.

Sean tracks down Rex and spins him a yarn about a group of aristocrats in the war who used his Uncle Lonnie to smuggle valuables to America. Unfortunately the plane was shot down and the jewels were buried with it and he thinks that Rex’s land is where “X marks the spot”.

Sean and Rex go to a retirement home to visit Albert – posing as Lonnie – in order to find out clues as to where the treasure could be buried. Sean is shocked that Rex is honest and decides that he wants out. But Rex is having none of it – he won’t let Sean walk away when the treasure is worth millions.

With no plan B in place, Sean is out of his depth. Will he and Emma get to even the score with their father and find the answers they have been looking for?

Sean Kennedy is played by Matt Di Angelo, Emma Kennedy by Kelly Adams, Rex Kennedy by Danny Webb, Mickey Bricks by Adrian Lester and Albert Stroller by Robert Vaughn.

Colin Davies

The editor of Film Review Online