Hustle Season 6 Ep5 - Daniel Mays and Matt Di Angelo
Mervyn Lloyd (Daniel Mays) and Sean (Matt Di Angelo) © Kudos

Season 6 Episode 5 of 6

First transmission on Monday February 1st, 2010 (UK)

The official details…

The gang is left in shock in the penultimate episode of the drama about a team of con artists. The unthinkable happens when Mickey is conned; someone has ripped him off by selling him a useless mobile phone online. And, according to the age-old laws of Grifting, when a Grifter is conned, he is guaranteed a run of bad luck. What will the gang do if Mickey has lost his mojo?

They head to Eddie’s to drown their sorrows, only to find it heaving with customers. It seems that Lady Luck has switched her allegiance and the gang needs to do something to restore the balance.

The team sets about researching the company that conned Mickey, leading them to Mervyn Lloyd, an outrageously cocky and slimy businessman, who’d sell his own grandmother to make a fast buck. Mervyn sells the latest mod cons through the internet but, unlike more reputable retailers, he doesn’t actually worry whether they work or not. Mervyn dreams of working with famous entrepreneurs such as “Dragons” Deborah Meaden, Peter Jones and Duncan Bannatyne, but has none of their integrity or morals.

The gang sets about working out a plan to reel in Mervyn. Due to Mickey’s rotten luck he has to sit this one out and someone else needs to run the con. The baton passes to Ash. All they need to do is convince Mervyn that Albert is on the verge of creating the next big thing, but what?

The team needs to hatch a foolproof plan to snare Mervyn and get Mickey’s mojo back; otherwise it looks like his bad luck is here to stay…

Mickey Bricks is played by Adrian Lester, Albert Stroller by Robert Vaughn, Ash Morgan by Robert Glenister, Emma Kennedy by Kelly Adams, Sean Kennedy by Matt Di Angelo. Deborah Meaden, Peter Jones and Duncan Bannatyne appear as themselves and Mervyn Lloyd is played by Danny Mays.

Colin Davies

The editor of Film Review Online