Spartacus, 1.04 - Andy Whitfield
Spartacus, 1.04 The Thing In The Pit - Spartacus (Andy Whitfield) © Starz

Season 1 Episode 4 of 13 – The Thing In The Pit

First transmission on Friday February 12, 2010

Cast includes Andy Whitfield, Manu Bennett, Lesley-Ann Brand, Erin Cummings, Jai Courtney, John Hannah, Karl Drinkwater and Marcus Johnson.

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Episode 1.04 The Thing In The Pit

Having performed shamefully in the arena against Crixus, Spartacus (Andy Whitfield) is forced to fight in the Pits. Batiatus, determined to profit from Spartacus, may be at risk if his debts aren’t repaid.

After Spartacus’s dismal fight against Crixus, Batiatus tells him no one wants to see him fight in the arena. There is, however, an option for the man who doesn’t follow rules: the place where there are none. Spartacus is hauled away, his hair shaved, his body covered in ash, sent to the fight pits. As Batiatus gets ready to leave for the pits, Lucretia frets about his safety. Batiatus assures her that though these are dangerous places, he is taking Barca as protection. Besides, the money he will make can buy water in this time of drought.

Once Batiatus is gone, Lucretia sends Naevia to fetch Crixus. On the walk up, Crixus notices that Naevia is not wearing the necklace he gave her. Before she can explain her reasons, Crixus cuts her off. Later she explains to Crixus she isn’t allowed possessions of any kind and to keep it would put them both in grave danger. Crixus, realizing his mistake and the extent of her feelings, kisses her.

Meanwhile, at the pits, Spartacus steps into the ring for a bloody battle whose only rule is to fight to the death. Spartacus wins and upon returning to the ludus tells Doctore that he will fight his way back to being a gladiator. Too late, Doctore tells him; the best Spartacus can hope for is a quick death. An ostracized Spartacus continues to win fights, but with the realization he will not survive much longer. Spartacus goes to Batiatus and offers to lose his next fight and accept certain death. In exchange, Batiatus agrees to bet heavily against him and use the money won to find Sura and bring her to the Ludus.

Spartacus steps into the ring, determined to make a good show of his death. Just as the other fighter is about to finish him off, Spartacus sees two assassins approach Batiatus. Knowing that Sura will be lost forever if Batiatus dies, Spartacus kills his opponent then the second assassin. Though Spartacus saved Batiatus’s life, he has just made his financial problems infinitely worse. Nevertheless, in gratitude for saving his life, Batiatus reinstates Spartacus as a gladiator.

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