Caprica 1.06 - Esai Morales
Episode 1.06 Know Thy Enemy - Joseph Adama (Esai Morales) © SyFy

Battlestar Galactica‘s prequel Caprica. Here we have a gallery of pictures from the story.

Episode 1.06 – Know Thy Enemy

First transmission on Friday March 5th, 2010

UK Transmission on Tuesday March 9th, 2010

The official details…

Caprica 1.06 Know Thy Enemy

Rival industrialist Tomas Vergis arrives on Caprica demanding a meeting with Daniel, threatening to reveal proof that Daniel stole the chip that is key the U-87 Cylon and Graystone’s military contract. Vergis whirls up a publicity storm that steals the heart of the Caprican public, and surprisingly serves up a friendly offer to Daniel that could save Graystone Industries. But there’s a catch to his proposal that could haunt Daniel for years to come.

Clarice, panicked that off-world STO leadership has been backing a rogue named Barnabas, steps up her plans to acquire Zoe’s avatar program and may find her answer through befriending Amanda. Meanwhile, wanting to fulfill her own promise to Zoe, Lacy goes with Keon to meet the enigmatic Barnabas, opening herself up to a new world of danger.

After the revelation that the avatar of his daughter Tamara is still lost in V-World, Joseph starts his quest to find her in a virtual world he knows nothing about.


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