Doctor Who (2000's) Episode 5.01 The Eleventh Hour - The Doctor (Matt Smith) © BBC

Here are the first actual pictures from the first story of the Eleventh Doctor. The filming for Matt Smith’s first story took place back in October 2009. The pictures themselves reveal very little which we understand is how the new producers, lead by Steven Moffat, like it.

The first three episodes of the Eleventh Doctor’s series have been confirmed as The Eleventh Hour, written by Steven Moffat (we don’t know yet if there is any significance of the number 11), The Beast Below, also by Steven Moffat, and Victory of the Daleks by Mark Gatiss. The new series explodes onto our screens in Easter this year both in the States and UK. UK date has been comfirmed as April 3rd, 2010.

You can catch the actor who plays the Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith, on Friday with Jonathan Ross on BBC America and BBC1 at the end of this week.