Radio Times Yellow Dalek Cover

In a surprise move, the BBC haa revealed the new design of the Daleks ahead of this Saturday’s Doctor Who episode. Today’s Radio Times on sale in the UK has three different covers.

Each cover features the newly-designed Dalek and is linked to the current UK General Election. To go with the strap line ‘Vote Dalek’, the Daleks are colored red, blue and yellow. Red is the color for the left wing Labour party (currently in power), blue is the color for the right wing Conservative party and yellow is the colour for the best(!) party, the Liberal Democrats (and this is the only Dalek to look you in the eye, which may or may not not be a good thing…). Don’t suppose anyone will be keeping count of the sales of each to get an idea of the support of the parties.

So what color will the Daleks be in the show? Well you may have noticed a light grey/silver colored one in the trailer with a funny eye stick…

Radio Times Red Dalek Cover
Radio Times Blue Dalek Cover

So what is there to notice about these Daleks? Firstly, as a friend  put it to me, they seem to have a middle-age spread with their rather fat middle section. They have a big base, like the Daleks in the second-ever Dalek story The Dalek Invasion of Earth (and in the 1960s films). The main body panels (where the hemispheres are) seem to be panels fixed on. The head section has three collars sloping downwards, a bit like the outside of an upside down stack of plates. And finally, the eye stick has fins around the eye and the stick is on a ball. Now maybe this is getting very geeky but you were only going to look yourself, weren’t you?

The Radio Times is the highest-selling UK listings magazine and just happens to be owned by the BBC’s sales organisation BBC Worldwide. In case you’re wondering, the magazine started before television, in the days of radio only and has kept its name ever since.

I quite like this new design, but what are your thoughts?

You can find more at the Radio Times website

Spot the Dalek difference:- 1. Eye Stick, 2. Head Section, 3. Middle age Spread! 4. Panels, 5. Bigger base