Ashes to Ashes 3.04 - DC Chris Skelton (Marshall Lancaster), DI Alex Drake (Keeley Hawes) and DS Ray Carling (Dean Andrews) © Kudos/BBC
DC Chris Skelton (Marshall Lancaster), DI Alex Drake (Keeley Hawes) and DS Ray Carling (Dean Andrews) © Kudos/BBC

Ashes to Ashes – Season 3 Episode 4 (of 8)

First UK transmission on Friday April 23rd, 2010

The official details…

DCI Gene Hunt and his team, DI Alex Drake, DI Ray Carling and DC Chris Skelton, are hot on the tail of a van they believe contains a large amount of heroin, as the Eighties police drama continues.

When the Quattro blocks the van’s escape route, the team are faced with a woman brandishing a sawn-off shotgun but bullish Gene shows no fear and heads straight over to take on the female blagger. Things then take a strange turn when Gene seems to let her escape.

It transpires that the woman is an undercover police officer and Gene is not happy that an operation is taking place on his patch. DCI Jim Keats is quick to shed some light on the situation; Louise Gardner from Hanfield police station has infiltrated the Staffords, a notorious crime family with whom Gene shares some history.

Determined to take over the operation, Gene manages to blow Louise’s cover. Jim is not happy, and the situation is made worse when Louise turns up at CID beaten and bruised. With Louise under Gene’s protection, the team have to work fast to stop Daniel Stafford getting his latest lot of heroin on to the streets.

As Gene and Alex close in, something is not quite right. Some of Louise’s reports are missing and it looks as if someone on the inside is bending the rules to help keep the Staffords on the streets.

Meanwhile, the ghostly police constable with the 6-6-20 epaulette is still haunting Alex. She is increasingly convinced that he’s the key to getting home.

DCI Gene Hunt is played by Philip Glenister, DI Alex Drake by Keeley Hawes, DI Ray Carling by Dean Andrews, DC Chris Skelton by Marshall Lancaster, DCI Jim Keats by Daniel Mays, Louise Gardner by Zoe Telford and Daniel Stafford by Bryan Dick.