Ashes to Ashes 3.06 - Daniel Mays
Ashes to Ashes 3.06 - Jim Keats (Daniel Mays) © Kudos/BBC
Jim Keats (Daniel Mays) © Kudos/BBC
Jim Keats (Daniel Mays) © Kudos/BBC

Ashes to Ashes – Season 3 Episode 6 (of 8)

First UK transmission on Friday May 7th, 2010

The official details…

All hell has broken loose at Fenchurch East prison; the inmates are rioting and DCI Gene Hunt is ready to go in all guns blazing to teach the lags a lesson, as the Eighties police drama continues. However, things don’t go to plan; the riot team is hugely outnumbered and, in the chaos of the retreat, Sgt Viv James is left behind.

DCI Jim Keats is quick to place the blame for Viv’s capture on Gene, casting further doubt in DI Alex Drake’s mind about Gene’s motives.

The team gains access to the prison CCTV and Alex tries to negotiate with the leader of the revolt, Jason Sachs, but her pleas fall on deaf ears and time seems to be running out for Viv.

DI Ray Carling and DC Chris Skelton are tasked with bringing in Paul Thordy, a prisoner who managed to escape in all the commotion. However, during the interrogation, Alex is shocked when Thordy claims to be someone she knows – someone from her past.

Meanwhile, when Sachs asks for the press to be allowed into the prison it gives Gene the chance to send in Chris and Ray, but Sachs is no fool and soon realises they are undercover officers, leaving the pair in danger.

Alex then makes a shocking discovery and as Viv, Chris and Ray’s lives hang in the balance, she has to set aside her differences with Gene to try to save their lives.

DCI Gene Hunt is played by Philip Glenister, Sgt Viv James by Geff Francis, DCI Jim Keats by Daniel Mays, DCI Alex Drake by Keeley Hawes, Jason Sachs by Stanley Townsend, DI Ray Carling by Dean Andrews, DC Chris Skelton by Marshall Lancaster and Paul Thordy by Steven Robertson.