Sex and the City 2 - Kim Cattrall, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis
Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall), Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) and Charlotte York (Kristin Davis) © New Line

Sarah Jessica Parker first played her iconic role of Carrie Bradshaw on the HBO series Sex and the City in 1998. Twelve years she continues Carrie’s legacy with the second feature film in the franchise.

In this movie Carrie, along with her best friends Samantha (Kim Cattrall), Charlotte (Kristin Davis) and Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), who are all still fighting against the traditional role of marriage and motherhood, travel to the United Arab Emirates together for an adventure of a lifetime.

What’s it like working Kim, Kristin and Cynthia after all these years?

Sex and the City 2 - Sarah Jessica Parker
Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) © New Line

I think we really do know each other well. Kristin and I finish each other’s sentences often. This was probably the most wonderful experience we have had as a cast together, because we were away from our closest friends and family.

We really lived together, we ate every single meal together and we stayed in one dressing room together. I know what everybody likes to eat, at what time of day and how they like it fixed and who likes their meat rare, and who wants a cheese sandwich, and who wants to drink tea all day, Cynthia Nixon. I wouldn’t have traded it for the anything, despite being away from my home and my children.

That was too long and much too much of a hardship, and I wouldn’t have done it with any other group of people

What was it like shooting abroad?

I personally really love it. The paparazzi issue is something entirely separate, but it was nice to not worry about the plot being revealed. We were in a country that had no interest in us, and really our job was to stay out of their way.

They were in the middle of their lives and jobs, and it was really our job to integrate into their lives, and they had little or no interest in us. That was a virtue because it really allowed us to tell our story in an open environment and capture cinematically everything we wanted to on screen.

So I think we were really lucky.

In the movie Carries encounters Aiden, one of her former lovers, in a marketplace in Abu Dhabi. What was it like working with John Corbett again?

Sex and the City 2 - Sarah Jessica Parker and Chris Noth
Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Mr Big (Chris Noth) © New Line

It was heaven. I think what was so great about it for all of us is that he was similar to Jennifer Hudson coming onto the movie last time. He was a fresh person who hadn’t been down the trenches with us.

What was really special about what John did, and I can’t say enough about how hard this is, he’d been absent (from Sex and the City) for eight years, and he had three days to do this stuff. Michael Patrick King had written in my opinion some of the best scenes he’s ever written in his life, as if he’d been writing Aiden for the last ten years, and John Corbett had to come on and knock the ball out of the park and he did.

The first scene when they see each other, those lines, the sound of his voice, that look on his face and the way he holds Carrie, touches her and talks to her is magic. And then to get to come home to Chris (Noth) it’s like having your cake and eating it too. It’s ridiculous.

Sex and the City 2 - Sarah Jessica Parker
Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) © New Line

How hard was it to sit on a camel?

I was the one who enjoyed it. I was the one that sat on the camel while they were changing cameras, with my New York Times in my back pocket, looking at the scenery, I have more pictures on my Blackberry of those girls on camels! I know I might be a city dweller, but apparently you can put a city dweller happily on a camel. And, yes, there is an art to it. Did we figure it out? No. Was Kim screaming? Yes. Was I laughing with tears streaming down my face? Absolutely.

What do you have to say to people who criticize the series?

Sex and the City 2 - Chris Noth, Tim Gunn, Sarah Jessica Parker, Willie Garson and Mario Cantone
Mr Big (Chris Noth), Tim Gunn (in back as himself), Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), Stanford Blatch (Willie Garson) and Anthony Marentino (Mario Cantone) © New Line

I think for the detractors the thing that they haven’t wanted to pay attention to is that Michael Patrick is no fool and he doesn’t do the easy, lazy thing, and he’s written into his stories (issues). This time he gets to really look at all the women at a particular moment in their lives. In the last movie it dealt more with what was happening in Carrie’s personal romantic life.

But this movie he really talks about things that are important to women at this moment, it’s not all women and you wouldn’t even have had to experienced menopause to hear Kim’s character talk about it. It’s humorous and it’s scandalous and it’s heartbreaking because it’s real and it’s complicated. He tells stories so well.

This character I’m sure will live on in you forever, but one day you are going to have to say goodbye to Carrie Bradshaw.

This has been the privilege of a lifetime professionally. This will come to an end and it’s best to know when that should be, and be realistic about it. The choices that Michael has made for these characters feels so good, and if we left them today I’d be okay. I’d miss the people and the camaraderie and I’d miss the experience in the streets of New York, but I have such a vivid memory of all of it it’s enough to get me to my grave.


Judy Sloane

Judy is Film Review Online's regular Los Angeles based reporter.