Sex and the City 2 - Cynthia Nixon
Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) © New Line

In 2004 Cynthia Nixon won an Emmy for her performance as Miranda Hobbes on the successful HBO series Sex and the City. In the second movie of the franchise, Miranda is secure in her home life, but struggling at work with a chauvinistic and arrogant boss. The solution seems to be quitting her job and traveling to Abu Dhabi with her best friends Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Samantha (Kim Cattrall) and Charlotte (Kristin Davis) for what she hopes will be the adventure of a lifetime.

What did you enjoy most about doing this sequel?

One of the great things in this movie is how much the four of us are together in so many scenes. We get to have that four-headed monster, all thinking the same thoughts and moving as one.

What is that like when you’re all together, knowing each other so well, is it like family?

It is, you’re always anticipating each other’s needs, you can tell when somebody looks hot, you can tell when somebody has forgotten their line; it’s all very symbiotic working as one.

You were all away shooting in Morocco for seven weeks, what was it like?

It was wonderful. We had really wonderful security guards with us everywhere we went, but it was nice to slip around the city and the country itself. Certainly we were recognized, but nothing like New York.

When you are shooting in New York, does it get harder and harder keeping the script under wraps?

Sex and the City 2 - Cynthia Nixon, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall and Kristin Davis
Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon), Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall) and Charlotte York (Kristin Davis) © New Line

I think they did a pretty good job with it this time, even better than they did last time. Last time we were unprepared for how many people would be snooping around, but this time I think it was really locked down and we filmed a few phony scenes that weren’t real to try and throw people off-track, and I think that was affective too.

When you read the script did you relate to Miranda more than ever?

Yeah, when we started (making the series) she and I were diametrically opposed, but I think I’ve become a little more like her and she has become a lot more like me.

You have kids like Miranda, how does working and having kids affect you?

Sex and the City 2 - Cynthia Nixon, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristin Davis
Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon), Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Charlotte York (Kristin Davis) © New Line

Well, I have a really big advantage over Miranda, which is my girlfriend is a stay at home mom with our kids and because I’m not a corporate lawyer who goes into work 14 hours a day. I’m an actress who sometimes goes away for seven weeks to Morocco, but then has months where I can be home every night and I can pick up the kids from school.

Of course as a working parent you always have to struggle, but I think I have it a lot easier than Miranda.

Is there an art to riding a camel?

Yes, hold on and don’t let go. And be prepared because you never know if that camel is going to sit or when it’s going to stand, and they don’t stand all at once and if you’re not holding on you’re going to be in trouble. You’re grateful that there’s sand all around you but you don’t want to fall from such a height.

Are you surprised that people are still so invested in these characters? Why do you think people still love them so much?

Sex and the City 2 - Cynthia Nixon and Sarah Jessica Parker
Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) and Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) © New Line

I think we initially loved them because our show showed single women who were not necessarily unhappy about being single, and who were enjoying their lives despite the fact they didn’t have a wedding ring.

I think they’ve learned to love us and the characters and they want to just see what we’re up to.

I think that the thing that allows people to keep reinvesting in us is that (writer/director) Michael Patrick King doesn’t keep treading the same territory, he lets us grow and evolve and change and keeps putting us in situations you’ve never seen us in before.

Will it be hard to say good bye to Miranda?

Yes, but I’ve said good bye to her a few times already. So yes, it will be sad, but when you’re an actor that’s what you do, you have a part that you love and you become as much like that person as you can, and then you hang that character up in your closet

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