Twilight Sage: Eclipse - Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed, Elizabeth Reaser, Jackson Rathbone and Peter Facinelli
Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed, Elizabeth Reaser, Jackson Rathbone and Peter Facinelli © Summit

At the press junket for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Edward Cullen’s (Robert Pattinson) family, Dr. Carlisle Cullen (Peter Facinelli), Esme (Elizabeth Reaser), Jasper (Jackson Rathbone), Rosalie (Nikki Reed) and Alice (Ashley Greene) got together to speak of all things vampire and the next sequel, Breaking Dawn.

This is a family that rallies around one particular girl, Bella (Kristen Stewart). What are their reasons?

Twilight Sage: Eclipse - Nikki Reed and Kellan Lutz
Nikki Reed and Kellan Lutz © Summit

Nikki Reed: Rosalie hates it. Actually, I think it says a lot about Rosalie that she’s willing to contribute. It’s really funny, speaking from our characters perspective, because we are such a family and we actually all love each other.

We don’t fight, and that’s just the truth, as boring as it is. I think it says a lot that, when it comes down it, the family is really willing to step up.

Elizabeth Reaser: Edward has been alone for so many years.

Peter Facinelli: As a family and as a unit, we just want him to be happy.

Elizabeth Reaser: We have each other, but we’re very isolated, and there’s only so much room for intimacy and connection, in all of our lives. We all have a partner, and Edward doesn’t. For him to find that partner, after all these years, it’s as important to us as it is to him.

Jackson Rathbone: It’s got a Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner vibe. In a real family circumstance, you have your family members and relatives who bring something to the table, that maybe you don’t necessarily like or are confused by.

Everyone reacts differently. Jasper wants to kill Bella. It’s his natural reaction. If your loved one loves something, you have to love it too. You have to support it. As much as it causes you pain, if it causes them love, it’s worth it.

Peter Facinelli: I think everyone has had a family member that someone’s dating and you’re like, ’Okay, if that family member loves them, then I need to love them too.’ It’s another thing that’s relatable. If you strip away the vampires, there are a lot of human elements you can relate to, that being one of them.

Robert Pattinson said he gets into character based on the contacts. What gets you into character?

Twilight Sage: Eclipse - Elizabeth Reaser and Peter Facinelli
Elizabeth Reaser and Peter Facinelli © Summit

Peter Facinelli: We call the contacts hub caps. It’s like having hub caps in your eyes because they’re really heavy, big discs. The scarf gets me into character.

Nikki Reed: There’s such a physical transformation that I go through. I have to put on a wig. It takes quite a few hours. Even though I’m a bit tanner than the rest of these kids, we all have to spray paint our entire bodies because none of us are as pale as a vampire.

We get there at four o’clock in the morning for that. You close your eyes and lay back in this chair and, four hours later, you wake up and are actually a different person.

Elizabeth Reaser: For me, the make-up is a huge part of the process. Also, being on location in these forests and with the weather, it’s like you’re dropped into the world. It’s so specific that it makes you feel different.

Jackson Rathbone: I just start with the boots. I put the boots on and get the walk right, and I’m good. That’s all I need.

Ashley Greene:: The contacts and being sprayed with the white make-up. It wasn’t necessarily planned, but Alice’s voice is a little higher than mine and she moves a little differently. That always helps, when you’re not moving and talking like yourself. That, coupled with four hours in the chair, definitely has an impact.

Then being surrounded by a bunch of other vampires helps. We get into this certain mode and world. The affect you have on other people is funny. When you forget what you look like and you have these contacts in, and there’s a little kid that’s walking around set and has never seen vampires walking around, they’re horrified.

There’s a lot more interaction between the vampires and the werewolves in this movie. As actors, what are you actually reacting to?

Twilight Sage: Eclipse - Kellan Lutz, Peter Facinelli, Jackson Rathbone and Robert Pattinson
Kellan Lutz, Peter Facinelli, Jackson Rathbone and Robert Pattinson © Summit

Jackson Rathbone: Oh, my god! There was a guy in a green or grey suit. We had to do whole monologues that way.

Peter Facinelli: It was that or cardboard cut-outs, which makes it a little difficult.

Jackson Rathbone: They’re like, ‘The wolf is going to be this ‘

Peter Facinelli: It’s harder to act when you’re acting off that and you don’t have anything coming back at you.

Nikki Reed: Taylor (Lautner) didn’t want Kristen to act off of nothing. So, he came in, in a full silver spandex suit. I thought that was very considerate of him.

Peter Facinelli: He dressed up as one of the guys in the green suits with a grey sweatshirt for the green screen. She actually had to cuddle him, but she got to cuddle the real Jacob.

What do you think about Bill Condon directing Breaking Dawn?

Peter Facinelli: I’m looking forward to working with Bill Condon. He’s phenomenal. I’m looking forward to hearing what his thoughts are on the series and the movie. It’s cool because all these different directors have these different interpretations.

You don’t get complacent and sit back and go, ‘Okay, I know these characters.’ They’re always asking you different questions and getting you to think deeper.

Judy Sloane

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