Get Low - Bill Cobbs and Lucas Black
Rev Charlie Jackson (Bill Cobbs) and Buddy (Lucas Black) © Sony Pictures

After doing the rounds at various film festivals Get Low opened to a limited release over the weekend here in the USA.

If you have still to see this story about the backwoods recluse known as Felix Bush (Robert Duvall) you might like to take a look at it’s trailer…

For years, townsfolk have been terrified of the backwoods recluse known as Felix Bush (Robert Duvall). People say he’s done all manner of unspeakable things, that he’s killed in cold blood; that he’s in league with the Devil; that he has strange powers, and they avoid him like the plague.

Then, one day, Felix rides to town with a shotgun and a wad of cash, saying he wants to buy a funeral. It’s not your usual funeral for the dead Felix wants. On the contrary, he wants a “living funeral,” in which anyone who ever had heard a story about him will come to tell it, while he takes it all in.

Colin Davies

The editor of Film Review Online