Merlin 3.08 - Colin Morgan and Warwick Davis
Episode 3.08 The Eye of the Phoenix - Merlin (Colin Morgan) and Grettir (Warwick Davis) © 2010 Shine TV

Episode 8 of 13.

First transmission on Saturday October 30, 2010 (UK)

The official details about the episode are as follows

3.08 The Eye of the Phoenix

Arthur embarks on a solitary quest to retrieve the Golden Trident from the Fisher King and prove himself worthy of the Camelot throne, as the fantasy drama continues.

With the Prince beyond the protection of the citadel, Morgana sees an opportunity to use her dark magic and gives him a precious bracelet containing a Phoenix Eye. She insists he wears it at all times for protection but it saps him of his life force and he is left defenceless in the Fisher King’s perilous realm.

With the help of Gwaine, can Merlin reach him in time and fulfil his own quest to protect the future king of Camelot?

Bradley James plays Arthur, Donald Sumpter plays The Fisher King, Katie McGrath plays Morgana, Eoin Macken plays Gwaine, Colin Morgan plays Merlin and Warwick Davis plays Grettir.

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