Hustle 7.02 - Robert Glenister, Matt Di Angelo, Adrian Lester and Kelly Adams
Episode 7.02 - Ash (Robert Glenister), Sean (Matt Di Angelo), Mickey (Adrian Lester) and Emma (Kelly Adams) © 2011 Kudos

Season 7 Episode 2 of 6

First transmission on Friday January 14th, 2011 (UK)

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The Hustle gang are near to closing a small con in a café, as the drama continues, until Joe Ryan – an old flame of Emma’s – turns up unexpectedly and blows their cover. Intrigued to see what he’s been up to since the pair last met, Emma arranges to meet him for a glass of wine…

She soon discovers that his wife tragically died a few months earlier, causing Joe to take six months off work to care for their son. Now poor Joe is knee-deep in debt and set to lose his home after becoming involved with a dodgy money-lending business called Dosh4you. With Emma unable to let go of the past, it looks like the Hustlers have found their next mark.

Leaving Albert in London, Mickey, Ash, Sean and Emma head to Birmingham in order to reel in their target – entrepreneur and founder of Dosh4you Georgina Althorp. However, despite her many business achievements, Georgina can’t escape her lowly background – try as she might to become accepted in the circles of the social elite.

The Hustle team conjure up a brilliant con to entice Georgina with what she most desires – a title and a castle to go with it. But the Hustlers soon find it harder than they’d initially thought to give the ruthless businesswoman a taste of her own medicine.

Joe Ryan is played by Joe Armstrong, Emma by Kelly Adams, Albert by Robert Vaughn, Mickey by Adrian Lester, Ash by Robert Glenister, Sean by Matt Di Angelo and Georgina Althorp by Angela Griffin.

Colin Davies

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