Hustle 7.03 - Michael Brandon
Episode 7.03 - Marcus Wendall (Michael Brandon) © 2011 Kudos

Season 7 Episode 3 of 6

First transmission on Friday January 21st, 2011 (UK)

The official details…

It’s the ultimate showdown for the Hustlers as they take on their trickiest mark yet, as the drama continues.

Mickey and Albert pay a visit to the first Wendell Casino to open in Britain. The Wendell family have run casinos for generations and are notorious for their strict policy on cheaters, vowing to take down anyone who tries to con them. The no-nonsense family loathe “grifters”, adding photos to their very own wall of shame once they’ve been caught, to ensure their days of dishonesty are over.

Albert is angered to find that a photo of his great-great-granddad, Charlie Stroller, has pride of place on the wall. The casino’s current owner, Marcus Wendell, claims that Charlie was the first ever grifter that the Wendell family caught. Knowing that Charlie was innocent, Albert is prepared to pay any price to clear Charlie’s name and have the photo taken down, even if it means the Hustle gang have their own photos added in its place.

Albert proposes a high-stakes deal to Marcus. If the Hustlers can win a game on the original Wendell roulette wheel, under Marcus’s watchful eye, the photo comes down. However, if they lose, their days as grifters are over as there’s no coming back from being busted by a Wendell. It’s poker chips at dawn as the Wendell versus Stroller rematch commences.

Mickey, Albert, Ash, Sean and Emma are the best in the business but can they outsmart someone who knows all the tricks in the book?

Mickey is played by Adrian Lester, Albert by Robert Vaughn, Marcus Wendell by Michael Brandon, Ash by Robert Glenister, Sean by Matt Di Angelo and Emma by Kelly Adams.

Colin Davies

The editor of Film Review Online