Zen 1.03 - Rurus Sewell and Ben Miles
Zen 1.03 'Ratking' - Aurelio Zen (Rurus Sewell) and Colonna (Ben Miles) © 2011 Left Bank Pictures

It’s the third of three feature length programmes based on the best-selling novels by the late Michael Dibdin…

Sunday, January 16, 2011 21.00 BBC1 … Summer, 2011 PBS’ Masterpiece Mystery
Zen 90 mins, 2010
Season 1 Episode 3, Ratking

When wealthy industrialist and political party funder Ruggerio Miletti is kidnapped, the Italian Ministry turn to their favourite detective, Aurelio Zen, to get Miletti back alive at any cost – financial or personal – in the final film about the fictional Italian detective based on the novels of Michael Dibdin.

Miletti’s lawyer is murdered during an illegal ransom payment, and Zen soon discovers that the kidnappers are only part of his problem. He must contend with the Milettis, who are no ordinary family. Nothing is as it seems: considering themselves above the law, spoilt daughter Cinzia, her ruthless husband Carlo, and overlooked younger brother Silvio are scheming to gain control of the family company.

Things are no better in the office, with new Chief of Police Heuber imposing a strict moral code of conduct in the workplace, just as Zen and Tania’s relationship is blossoming. Caught up in the political minefield both inside and outside the Miletti family, Zen’s life, career and reputation are on the line. Not even his admirer, powerful prosecutor Nadia Pirlo, can help him through this dilemma. Paired with rival detective Vincenzo Fabri, who is plotting to overthrow Heuber, Zen must decide whether to play Fabri’s game or uncover the truth.

Regular Cast: Aurelio Zen (Rufus Sewell), Tania (Caterina Murino)
Guest Cast: Cinzia Miletti (Sarah-Jane Potts), Carlo Fagiolii (Callum Blue), Silvio Miletti (Sebastian Armesto), Ernesto Heuber (Michael McElhatton), Nadia Pirlo (Cosima Shaw), Vincenzo Fabri (Ed Stoppard)

Writer/Assoc ProducerSimon Burke
Based on the novels by Michael Dibdin
ProducerVeronica Castillo, Michael Casey

DirectorJon Jones
Executive ProducersRaffaella Bonivento, Rebecca Eaton, Andy Harries, Matthew Read