Hustle 7.04 - Adrian Lester and Robert Glenister
Episode 7.04 - Mickey (Adrian Lester) and Ash (Robert Glenister) © 2011 Kudos

Season 7 Episode 4 of 6

First transmission on Friday January 28th, 2011 (UK)

The official details…

Albert, Mickey, Ash, Sean and Emma pay respects to one of their own when they attend the funeral of a fellow grifter Benny, as the drama continues.

Benny had a long history with the Hustle gang, having helped Mickey out of a sticky situation many years ago and nearly taking Ash’s place in the group. But it looks like Benny’s days of the long con aren’t actually over…

On his way to the bookies after the funeral, Ash bumps into a panicked man that looks suspiciously like Benny. Convinced he’s seeing things, Ash chases after the lookalike only to find that it is in fact Benny, the very same Benny whose funeral he’s just left. Keen to get some answers, Ash takes Benny for a drink.

Benny reveals to Ash that he’s lost his grifter mojo, forcing him to become involved with Danush, a dodgy credit lender. After multiple gambling loses, Benny has been left deep in debt and, with no way of paying Danush back, faking his own death was his only option.

The Hustlers then discover that Danush is having problems with his regular supplier of cigarettes. In a win-win situation for the gang, they realise they can help a fellow grifter and make some serious cash in the process. The con is on!

Albert is played by Robert Vaughn, Mickey by Adrian Lester, Ash by Robert Glenister, Sean by Matt Di Angelo, Emma by Kelly Adams, Benny by Denis Lawson and Danush by Chook Sibtain.

Colin Davies

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