The Rite - Anthony Hopkins, director Mikael Håfström and Colin O'Donoghue
Anthony Hopkins as Father Lucas, director Mikael Håfström and Colin O'Donoghue as Michael Kovak on set during the filming © 2011 New Line

The Rite is directed by Mikael Hafstrom who last year directed the romantic mystery Shanghai and in 2007 the horror thriller 1408. The film stars Anthony Hopkins, Colin O’Donoghue, Alice Braga, Ciaran Hinds and Toby Jones. The Rite is released in theaters tomorrow.

Inspired by true events, The Rite follows skeptical seminary student Michael Kovak (Colin O’Donoghue), who reluctantly attends exorcism school at the Vatican.

While in Rome, he meets an unorthodox priest, Father Lucas (Anthony Hopkins) , who introduces him to the darker side of his faith.

Directed by Mikael Hafstroem (1408), The Rite is a supernatural thriller that uncovers the devil’s reach to even one of the holiest places on Eart

US and Canada release January 28, 2011
UK release January 28, 2011

Colin Davies

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