Outcasts 1.02
Amy Manson, Ashley Walters, Daniel Mays and Langley Kirkwood

Episode 2 of 8
First transmission on Tuesday, February 8th, 2011 (UK)

The official details…

Reports of a survival shuttle landing far outside the settlement, possibly with Stella’s daughter, Lily, on board, reaches Forthaven, as BBC One’s new, blockbuster sci-fi series continues.

Cass, Fleur and Jack set out to find Lily but the rescue party is ambushed by a group of ACs, a mysterious group of humans led by a man called Rudi. He has taken Lily hostage and will only release her if his sick baby is taken back and treated in Forthaven. Cass and Jack stay behind with Lily while Fleur returns with Rudi and the baby.

Back in Forthaven, Fleur discovers that in the settlement’s early days Tate traced the deadly C23 virus, responsible for the deaths of his children, to Rudi and the other ACs. Tate tells Fleur who the ACs are: a group of genetically modified humans that had been built to increase survivability. Tate ordered Mitchell to execute them but he refused to go through with it and instead let the ACs survive in the wilds of Carpathia.

Back in Forthaven, Julius Berger is accused of murder by Aisling, a young woman from the transporter. Stella takes on Aisling’s cause but when Aisling tries to kill Berger, Stella realises that her relationship with Berger is even more fraught than she first thought.

The AC baby is healed but the hostage hand-over goes wrong: Jack thinks Rudi is ordering his men to kill the human hostages. In the subsequent fight, the humans keep the baby and Cass kills one of the ACs. Tate’s AC secret is exposed to Fleur and Cass and the ACs are left outside the settlement, armed and resentful.

Hermione Norris is Stella Isen, Jeanne Kietzmann is Lily Isen, Daniel May is Cass Cromwell, Amy Manson is Fleur Morgan, Ashley Walters is Jack, Langley Kirkwood is Rudi, Liam Cunningham is Richard Tate, Jamie Bamber is Mitchell Hobart, Eric Mabius is Julius Berger and Laura Greenwood is Aisling.