Being Human 3.04 - Russell Tovey
George (Russell Tovey) in Being Human 3.04 © BBC 2011

Being Human – Season 3 Episode 4 of 8
First transmission on Sunday, February 13th, 2011 (UK)

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Being Human, Season 3 Episode 4 The Pack – The official details

Comedy-drama series about three twenty-something housemates trying to live normal lives, despite struggling with unusual afflictions! Those affections are certainly unusual as one is a werewolf, one is a vampire and the other is a ghost!

As the hit drama about supernatural friends continues…

In this episode Annie and Mitchell are finding it difficult to make the transition from friends to boyfriend and girlfriend. This is especially as Annie is a ghost. Annie is desperate to have a normal relationship with all that it entails. So she comes up with a plan to get Mitchell hot and bothered in the bedroom.

McNair’s son, Tom, has been kept isolated from the rest of the world. So is excited by the prospect of more werewolves and goes to find George and Nina. However is presence in Honolulu Heights is not welcomed by Mitchell. This is because the “werewolf-shaped bullet” premonition is hanging heavy on his mind.

Could McNair, with his open hatred of vampires, be Mitchell’s ultimate nemesis?

Annie is played by Lenora Crichlow, Mitchell by Aidan Turner, McNair by Robson Green, Tom by Michael Socha, George by Russell Tovey and Nina by Sinead Keenan.

Being Human, Season 3 Episode 4 The Pack – Image gallery

Editors Note January 21st, 2020: Since we first created this article google has expressed concerns about one of this pictures that had blood in it. We have removed it to keep them happy. Obviously if you watch the actual episode you may feel, like us, if is not really concerning! It is after all a comedy,  but maybe as a just picture it is more of a concern!