Outcasts 1.05
Pak (Gary Lewis)

Episode 5 of 8
First transmission on Monday, February 21st, 2011 (UK)

The official details…

A man shows up in a bar in Forthaven with a fistful of diamonds and stories of “bodies” outside the settlement, as the blockbuster sci-fi series continues. The man claims to live by Carpathia’s ocean, which seems impossible as it’s been marked as a radiation hotspot, uninhabitable by human life. A bar-room brawl follows and Cass and Fleur are called in. Intrigued, they follow the man, who they come to know as Pak, out of the city gates and into the wilds of Carpathia.

Back in Forthaven, Stella soon realises that the man in the bar was none other than Patrick Baxter, an old XP and the first man to set foot on Carpathia, who went mad and killed his Commanding Officer. Her wish to see the ocean, the cradle of life, and potentially find more fossils, and the anxiety of knowing that her team are outside the fence with a murdering psychopath, drives Stella out of Forthaven, with Jack for support.

Cass and Fleur discover that the man they’ve entrusted their lives to is Baxter. They are now alone, lost and unarmed on a planet that they know very little about. Hot on their heels, Stella and Jack must deal with an AC ambush, which results in the death of Jack’s tracker and an alarming insect attack.

Berger, keen to seize any opportunity to cement his influence, encourages a gold rush by publicising the existence of diamonds outside the settlement. Forthaven’s workforce begins to abscond, forcing Tate to lock down the fence.

Cass and Fleur arrive at the ocean – Pak has found a path through the radiation hotspots. The sea sparkles with diamonds; Carpathia has a diamond tide. Pak tells Cass and Fleur how he survived for 11 years away from humanity: he was cared for by his old golden retriever from Earth. Cass and Fleur write this off as the ramblings of a crazy old man, but is there something more at work on this planet?

Back in Forthaven, who is Berger communicating with through a transmitter?

Cass Cromwell is played by Daniel May, Fleur Morgan by Amy Manson, Pak by Gary Lewis, Stella Isen by Hermione Norris, Jack by Ashley Walters, Julius Berger by Eric Mabius and Richard Tate by Liam Cunningham.