Hustle 7.06 - Robert Vaughn
Episode 7.06 - Albert (Robert Vaughn) © 2011 Kudos

Season 7 Episode 6 of 6

First transmission on Friday February 18th, 2011 (UK)

The official details…

After an all-night card session, the team arrive at Eddie’s bar to find they’ve received an unusual delivery, as the popular drama concludes. When the gang look inside the box, they’re surprised to find Cool Hand Cooper – a well-known character in the grifting world. It soon becomes apparent that he posted himself to the bar as part of an elaborate prison break and he is now in grave trouble.

Cooper used to be the best safe-cracker in the game. But he got himself into a spot of bother a decade ago when he stole some diamonds and he has been serving a long prison sentence ever since. However, just before he was thrown into the slammer, he managed to bury the jewels and now he needs the team’s help to find them.

Cooper is desperate to unearth the sparklers after discovering that they belong to well-known Mafia family the Bachinis. He knows that if he doesn’t return the stones to their rightful owner soon, he could end up swimming with the fishes…

Mickey also knows that people shouldn’t get involved with the Mafia unless they like danger. But, when Eddie’s bar is set on fire, he realises that he doesn’t have a choice and is forced to help Cooper. Just when things look like they couldn’t get any worse, the crew discover the somewhat inconvenient burial place of the diamonds.

As the team start to set their plan into action, Albert has an unexpected visitor from his past who has some news that will change his life for ever…

Kathleen is played by Clare Goose, Cool Hand Cooper is played by Shaun Dooley, Mickey by Adrian Lester, Albert by Robert Vaughn, Ash by Robert Glenister, Susan by Hannah Gordon, Sean by Matt Di Angelo and Emma by Kelly Adams.

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