Outcasts 1.06
Josie Hunter (Juliet Aubrey) and Cass Cromwell (Daniel Mays) © Kudos/BBC 2011

Episode 6 of 8
First transmission on Sunday, February 27th, 2011 (UK)

The official details…

Three expeditionaries go missing outside the settlement for two days, as the blockbuster sci-fi series continues. As hope of finding them dwindles one of them, Josie Hunter, walks back into the settlement. Josie is reunited with her family and Forthaven celebrates her return. However, she is different – her children can’t communicate with her and reports of her attack on a fellow XP outside the perimeter start to filter through.

Josie is arrested and detained in PAS, but when Stella receives a distress signal from Josie outside the settlement, she and Tate begin to question who the Josie Hunter in their PAS cells really is.

After finding out that the XPs planned to kill him, Rudi sends two of his men to take their revenge on Forthaven by attacking the power plant. The electricity goes down and Forthaven goes into blackout.

Marie Docherty, meanwhile, the last woman to fall pregnant in Forthaven and the wife of one of the missing XPs, is experiencing a complicated labour. The power cut puts both her life and the life of her baby in danger.

The power cut releases the prison doors in PAS and Josie is able to walk free. Cass is sent to find her, but soon realises that she has taken her children from her home and disappeared. But, just as dawn rises, Cass sees Josie walk back into the settlement, without her children, bruised and battered. Josie is arrested, but knows nothing about what’s been going on in Forthaven or where her children have gone. Cass begins to wonder if there are two Josie Hunters. Tate is now convinced that there is something far greater at work on Carpathia, too.

Juliet Aubrey plays Josie Hunter, Hermione Norris plays Stella Isen, Liam Cunningham plays Richard Tate, Langley Kirkwood plays Rudi, Melissa Haiden plays Marie Docherty and Daniel May plays Cass Cromwell.