Being Human 3.07
McNair (Robson Green) © BBC 2011

Episode 6 of 8
First transmission on Sunday, March 6th, 2011 (UK)

The official details…

Nancy’s investigation into the Box Tunnel massacre continues, and she is convinced that Mitchell is responsible – she just needs to find some proof. Annie too is determined that the killer must be caught, and offers her help every step of the way, unaware of the implications it might have.

McNair and Tom turn up on the doorstep of Honolulu Heights needing help, and decide to stay a few days until an injured McNair is better.

With four werewolves now under his roof and a full moon imminent, Mitchell is feeling edgy. He’s terrified his end is nigh, and will go to any lengths to extract Herrick’s secret from him.

Nancy is played by Erin Richards, Mitchell by Aidan Turner, Annie by Lenora Crichlow, McNair by Robson Green, Tom by Michael Socha and Herrick by Jason Watkins.