Outcasts 1.07
Cass Cromwell (Daniel Mays) © Kudos/BBC 2011

Episode 7 of 8
First transmission on Sunday, March 6th, 2011 (UK)

The official details…

Tate is now convinced that there is a superior host force on Carpathia and Stella is determined to work out a way to communicate with it, in the penultimate episode of the blockbuster sci-fi series.

Cass finds a note threatening to expose his true identity. Confused and desperate, he flees PAS and his burgeoning flirtation with Fleur and heads for the bar. Drunk, he picks up a woman and takes her home. The next morning he finds her going through his things, opening the box that holds his witness protection documents. Assuming that it was her who sent the note, he tries to detain her – but she takes his gun and runs.

Cass sheepishly comes back into PAS having stood up Fleur and lost his gun. Reports come in of a missing woman, Carla Shapiro. James Shapiro, Carla’s husband, comes to PAS with a photo of his wife and a story of her affair with another man. When James shows Cass and Fleur the picture of his wife, Cass is horrified to see that this is the woman he slept with last night. Shaken, he doesn’t tell Stella or Fleur of his connection with her.

Fleur is told of a sighting of Carla that morning, coming out of a house on the other side of town. Fleur is shocked to find that the house is Cass’s, and that Carla’s blood is on his floor. Cass is arrested and when Fleur goes through his possessions, she finds the witness protection letter confirming Cass lives under a false identity. Fleur confronts Cass, who is unable to speak, shaken and ashamed.

Tate realises that the only person who can help him communicate with the host force is Rudi – but when he begs for help, Rudi dismisses him, saying that it is only humans who are at risk.

Meanwhile, Stella, with the help of Tipper, manages to record what might be the language of the host force.

JRichard Tate is played by Liam Cunningham, Stella Isen by Hermione Norris, Cass Cromwell by Daniel Mays, Fleur Morgan by Amy Manson, Carla Shapiro by Claire Keelan, James Shapiro by Adrian Bower and Rudi by Langley Kirkwood.