Outcasts 1.08
Stella Isen (Hermione Norris), Tipper Malone (Michael Legge) and Julius Berger (Eric Mabius) © Kudos/BBC 2011

Episode 8 of 8
First transmission on Sunday, March 13th, 2011 (UK)

The official details…

When a new, deadly virus hits Forthaven, Tate and Stella fear that it’s the host force answering their attempts at communication, in the thrilling final episode of Ben Richards’s epic drama series.

Berger blames the virus on the ACs and, after revealing a devastating secret about Fleur, sets about bringing down Tate’s government and introducing a new order.

When Berger finds out about The Omega Project, a niche AC project on Earth, he demands to see Fleur’s file. He exposes her true identity and discovers that she has been protected by Tate for years.

Stella takes Fleur to her home for safety but, as more details of her past are revealed by Tate, a shocked Fleur runs into the streets, followed by Cass. XPs fire on them and they run to Tipper’s home, where they find Lily, who has also been infected with C24.

Cass takes Fleur to meet Rudi and, as they wait for him to arrive, he tells her about his past. She is able to forgive him and they share one moment together before being parted by Rudi’s arrival.

Meanwhile, Tate refuses to give up Fleur’s whereabouts when Berger demands it and instead resigns, passing the presidency to Jack.

Stella and Tate decide that the only way to protect Forthaven from C24 is to build a sonic ceiling over the city. Later, as Cass awaits news of Fleur, he witnesses the arrival of CT10 – perhaps the final transporter from Earth. It remains to be seen who is on board…

JLiam Cunningham plays Tate, Hermione Norris plays Stella, Eric Mabius plays Berger, Amy Manson plays Fleur, Daniel May plays Cass, Michael Legge plays Tipper, Jeanne Kietzmann plays Lily, Langley Kirkwood plays Rudi and Ashley Walters plays Jack.