Frankenstein's Wedding Live in Leeds
Victor (Andrew Gower), the Creature (David Harewood) and Elizabeth (Lacey Turner) at Kirkstall Abbey Leeds © BBC

First transmission on Saturday, March 19th, 2011 (UK)

The official details…

Frankenstein’s Wedding … Live In Leeds is an ambitious music and drama event that explores Mary Shelley’s iconic story through contemporary performance and cutting-edge musical content.

For one night only, the city of Leeds plays host to a spectacular live TV event – the marriage of scientist Victor Frankenstein and his bride-to-be, Elizabeth. This bold re-imagining of the thrilling masterpiece is set against the gothic magnificence of Kirkstall Abbey, Leeds, for a one-of-a-kind performance which brings the passion, emotion and horror from the classic tale to a live audience of 12,000, as well as for BBC Three viewers at home.

The event centres on the lavish society wedding of Dr Victor Frankenstein, played by Andrew Gower (Monroe and Spotlight Prize Winner 2010), to his childhood sweetheart, Elizabeth Lavenza, played by Lacey Turner (EastEnders and Being Human).

As the fretful bride prepares for the ceremony, Victor’s Creature, played by David Harewood (Blood Diamond and Doctor Who) makes his way through the streets of Leeds, towards the wedding.

The audience sees the world through the Creature’s eyes – how he is rejected for the way he looks and his desire to belong; how he feels when Victor breaks his promise to make him a female companion, realising his existence will continue to be lonely and loveless. He is driven to murderous revenge – as Frankenstein’s Wedding … Live In Leeds builds, at breakneck speed, to a climactic final confrontation between Creature and his creator.

In a unique take on audience participation, a crowd of thousands attend the event in their best wedding outfits playing a real role as wedding guests.

JMark Williams (Fast Show and Harry Potter) appears as Victor’s father, Alphonse Frankenstein, and Jemima Rooper (Lost In Austen and Bouquet Of Barbed Wire) takes up the role of Justine Moritz, Elizabeth’s best friend and bridesmaid.