Christopher and His Kind - Douglas Booth and Matt Smith
Christopher and His Kind - Heinz Neddermayer (Douglas Booth) and Christopher Isherwood (Matt Smith) © BBC / Mammoth Screen 2011

First transmission on Saturday, March 19th, 2011 (UK)

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Written by acclaimed playwright Kevin Elyot, Lindsay Duncan, Imogen Poots, Toby Jones and Douglas Booth join Matt Smith in a one-off drama which chronicles the formative years of Christopher Isherwood.

Christopher Isherwood escapes repressive English society and his suffocating relationship with his mother, Kathleen, for the decadent – and politically unstable – world of Thirties Berlin.

The hedonistic Berlin cabaret scene is in full swing when a young and wide-eyed Christopher Isherwood arrives in the city, unable to speak a word of German. To Isherwood’s reserved English sensibility, the city’s thriving gay subculture is thrilling and intoxicating. But Christopher soon finds himself heartbroken after the failure of a hopeless love affair and so sets out on a process of self-discovery…

Fleur is told of a sighting of Carla that morning, coming out of a house on the other side of town. Fleur is shocked to find that the house is Cass’s, and that Carla’s blood is on his floor. Cass is arrested and when Fleur goes through his possessions, she finds the witness protection letter confirming Cass lives under a false identity. Fleur confronts Cass, who is unable to speak, shaken and ashamed.

Matt Smith stars as Christopher Isherwood; Lindsay Duncan as his mother, Kathleen; Imogen Poots as Jean Ross, an aspiring actress and singer who provided Christopher with the inspiration for the Sally Bowles character of Cabaret fame; Toby Jones as Gerald Hamilton, a peculiar man who provided the inspiration for the title character in the celebrated Isherwood novel, Mr Norris Changes Trains; Pip Carter as Wystan Auden, the famous poet with a droll sense of humour who persuaded Christopher to join him in Berlin; and Douglas Booth as Heinz, a street cleaner who Christopher meets and falls in love with during his time in Berlin.


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