Suddenly, Last Summer (1959)
Elizabeth Taylor


March 2011 saw the death of Elizabeth Taylor. Although she had not acted for some years, her fame as a Hollywood star had not diminished and despite her poor health of her later years her death came as a shock for many.

London-born to American parents, Taylor’s first major Hollywood role was in the 1943 film Lassie Come Home, co-starring with Roddy McDowell, quickly followed a year later by National Velvet with Mickey Rooney.

She moved into adult roles in 1951, at the age of 16, and was firmly fixed in the heats of moviegoers playing opposite Montgomery Clift in 1951’s A Place in the Sun.

Within a few years she was receiving Oscar nominations and finally recieved an Oscar for her role in 1961’s Butterfield 8. Her co-stars make an impressive list, including Rock Hudson & James Dean (Giant), Paul Newman (Cat on a Hot tin Roof), Montgomery Clift (A Place in the Sun, Raintree County) and Rex Harrison & Richard Burton (Cleopatra).

She was married to Richard Burton twice, with their growing attraction becoming very obvious during the filming of Cleopatra. Her private life became a significant part of her public life, being almost a Hoolywood-style story itself, and she will probbaly be remebered for her own life story as much as her screen roles.

As of writing, we offer a poll of her best films. If you’d like to add a film to the list, do let us know in the comment field below.