Lewis 5.04 The Gift of Promise
DI Lewis (Kevin Whately) and Innocent (Rebecca Front) © ITV 2011

Episode 4 of 4
First transmission on Sunday, April 24th, 2011 (UK)

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The current series of the acclaimed detective drama comes to an end with its final episode, The Gift of Promise, which features Kevin Whately and Laurence Fox alongside guest stars Anna Chancellor, Cherie Lunghi and Lorcan Cranitch. When local businesswoman Andrea de Ritter (Elize du Toit) is brutally bludgeoned to death, Lewis (Whately) and Hathaway (Fox) are called in to investigate what appears to be a blackmail plot gone wrong. The catalyst for the crime seems to be Andrea’s discovery of a secret about publisher Leon Suskin (David Westhead). The businesswoman had sent Leon a copy of the newly published memoirs of former MI5 Chief Grace Orde (Lunghi, pictured right), together with a mysterious note which read: ‘Who killed Mary?’.

When Suskin approaches Orde, she claims that she cannot help but, clearly rattled, she sets her security man on his tail. An increasingly angry and suspicious Suskin threatens to kill Liam Cullen (Cranitch), the man he believes is sleeping with his wife Judith (Chancellor).

When Andrea’s student lover leaps to his death, Zoe’s favourite lecturer (Mark Aiken) collapses from arsenic poisoning and Suskin is viciously stabbed, Lewis and Hathaway realise that there is a decades-old secret at the heart of the case. Can they uncover the truth in time to stop the murders in the present?