Doctor Who 6.02 Day of the Moon - Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) © BBC 2011

In Doctor Who 6.02 the Doctor is a prisoner and Amy and Rory are being hunted by the FBI, while the instantly-forgettable aliens, The Silence, continue with their obscure plans.

River Song (Alex Kingston), down amongst the aliens © BBC 2011
The Doctor (Matt Smith), trapped by plot devices © BBC 2011
Amy Pond (Karen Gillan), The Doctor (Matt Smith) and Rory (Arthur Darvill) © BBC 2011

Back in 1963, one of the Doctor’s companions-to-be, Barbara Wright, remarks, “Too many questions and not enough answers”. Almost 50 years later, that observation ia just as relevant. Day of the Moon is certainly not an end to the story started last week. In fact, very little is answered, and if I listed all the questions we are left with, old and new, you might get bored waiting for the list’s end.

So was this a good episode? Well, once again I’m not sure. The fact that so many questions have been raised does rather diminish the episode’s impact, and I do worry that the casual viewer will not have experienced a satisfying, self-contained drama. I am even more in awe of writer Steven Moffat’s planning when we discover references to these recent two episodes in the very first Matt Smith episode. That’s so impressive.

But having praised Moffat, I am beginiing to find some of his dramatic signatures a little wearing. Yet again we have a pleading disembodied voice, when Amy is in an unknown place and both Rory and the Doctor can hear her sobbing. Yes, I know it’s creepy, but to use it so often…? Of course, this may all be part of some Moffat plan – you just can’t tell…

Top marks go to Arthur Darvill, whose character Rory grows more and more likeable and believable. The scenes where he is not sure if his wife Amy is expressing her love for him, or for the Doctor, are particularly well played. I don’t blame Rory for doubting Amy, she barely shows him any interest. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if that’s because Amy has not been written to show any outward fondness for Rory, or that actress Karen Gillan’s portrayal of Amy is just not very good.

So all in all, an interesting episode, an enjoyable episode, just not a very understandable episode…

[Rating: 3]

Jan Vincent-Rudzki

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