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In the featurette on the sky driving sequence we hear from JT Holmes, one of the precision skydriver’s about using the wing suits and Director of Photography of the precision skydriving unit, Rob Bruce, who informs us that “flying downtown has not been done before”.

Producer Ian Bryce says “it is natural to think it is fake but it is all done real and looks fantastic in 3D”. While Visual Effects Supervisor Matthew Butler tells of the various cameras rolling simultaneously, “3 ground based cameras, one aero stabilised camera on a helicopter, a stereoscopic head mounted camera on Julian [Boulle, another of the sky drivering team] and one on the top of the building”.

A couple of the actors also join in the comments with Josh Duhamel who plays Lt. Colonel William Lennox telling of the sky drivers “Once in a lifetime opportunity to jump off the Sears Tower in Chicago” and Tyrese Gibson who is Robert Epps saying “if you can think on anything imaginable to break all the rules we pretty much did it”.