Teen Wolf - Tyler Posey
Teen Wolf - Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) © 2011 Metro Goldwyn Mayer
Teen Wolf - Tyler Posey
Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) © 2011 Metro Goldwyn Mayer

Tyler Posey has done extensive work in TV, having recurring roles on Lincoln Heights and Brothers & Sisters, and has appeared in such movies as Collateral Damage, Maid in Manhattan and Legendary.

He now stars as Scott McCall in MTV’s drama Teen Wolf, very loosely based on the Michael J Fox movie from 1985. McCall is a high school student who easily blends into the background; that is until he goes to the woods one night with his best friend Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) to investigate reports of a dead body, and is bitten by a mysterious creature, turning him into a werewolf.

I spoke with Tyler about his new role, and how different it is from Michael J Fox’s werewolf.

How did you get this part?

Teen Wolf - Tyler Posey
Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) © 2011 Metro Goldwyn Mayer

This sounded like something that would be great for me and my agents sent me out on it.

I auditioned for it, went back for another audition and I had great chemistry with the people in the room, the casting directors and all that.

Finally they brought the whole, soon to be, cast for a chemistry reading to see how they played off each other.

We just instantly fell in love with each other. And since then it has been so much fun.

How similar is your werewolf to Michael J Fox’s in the movie?

The werewolf that we are doing is completely different than other werewolves that are kind of going around right now.

It’s a sexier kind of werewolf. It’s not as hairy as the original, the teen wolf in Michael J Fox’s movie.

This series definitely gives a much darker and new feel to this werewolf, and it’s really good.

I heard that one of the new werewolf powers is the ability to attract girls.

Teen Wolf - Hollan Roden
Lydia Martin (Hollan Roden) is one of thyose that finds attraction © 2011 Metro Goldwyn Mayer

Yeah, one of the powers is to attract girls. Before Scott McCall got bit he was a bit of a loser and an outcast in school.

And afterwards, he attracts girls. Lydia, the mean girl, played by Holland Roden, takes a liking to him as does Allison, who is a mysterious new girl in town, played by Crystal Reed. And also I get great at my sport, lacrosse, and I become an all-star.

What’s the prosthetic make up like to put on?

It’s not too much. They made a face look just like my face, from my eyebrows to my upper lip. There are also fangs that I wear, contacts and the make-up department adds some hair to my face and my arms.

The process takes about two and a half hours. I think I’m going to have to get used to it.

Do you work with a lot of green screen?

We did some green screen stuff in the pilot, but we ended up not using it because there was something that wasn’t right about it, but most of the stuff that you see is all real. There’s some CGI where the [crossbow] is being shot at me and my tail is flying away, but most of the backdrop is real.

Does Stiles have something to do with your becoming a werewolf, because he’s the one that drags you to the woods night?

Teen Wolf - Tyler Posey
Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) © 2011 Metro Goldwyn Mayer

Stiles is my best friend, we go on a lot of trips. You don’t have to worry about Stiles at all.

We grew up together, we go on these crazy adventures together, he is always getting me into trouble, his dad’s a cop, so he listens to all the police conversations and so that’s how he found out about the wolves that night.

How long does it take before he finds out that you’re a werewolf?

He is the first person that assumes I’m a werewolf.

We’re kind of joking about it at first, and then he starts seeing these signs, he researches on the computer and he figures out that I’m a werewolf before I do. And then he tries to help me through it.

Werewolves are mostly murderous creatures

Teen Wolf - Crystal Reed and Tyler Posey
Allison Argent (Crystal Reed) and Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) © 2011 Metro Goldwyn Mayer

I would like to be the good werewolf hopefully. Since I am a werewolf, I will have some darker moments because I’m a rabid animal.

But you don’t kill anybody.

As far as I know I don’t think I do.

Are any of your songs in the pilot?

I definitely tried to get one of my songs in the pilot. My band (Lost in Costco) and I play in local places where I live in Santa Clarita.

I was hoping to travel from Atlanta to LA every couple of weeks to jam with my band and play some shows. I hope I can juggle it, but it will be hard.

How are you like your character?

I am more like my character when he is the wolf, getting the girls. No, that’s a joke!

Judy Sloane

Judy is Film Review Online's regular Los Angeles based reporter.