Torchwood: Miracle Day - Alexa Havins, Mekhi Phifer, Eve Myles and John Barrowman
Torchwood: Miracle Day - Esther Drummond (Alexa Havins), Rex Matheson (Mekhi Phifer), Gwen Cooper (Eve Myles) and Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) © BBC/BBC Worldwide Productions/Starz 2011

Episode 4 of 10
First transmission on
Friday, 29 July, 2011 (US), Thursday, 4 August, 2011 (UK)
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The fight against PhiCorp takes the Torchwood team to California, where a trap is waiting, while Oswald and Jilly find themselves with an enemy of their own.

Torchwood – Miracle Day stars John Barrowman and Eve Myles. The new series, created by Russell T Davies, welcomes Mekhi Phifer, Bill Pullman and Alexa Havins, plus recurring guest stars Arlene Tur and Lauren Ambrose.

Episode four includes guest stars C Thomas Howell (The Outsiders) and Mare Winningham (Brothers, Grey’s Anatomy).