Torchwood: Miracle Day 8 - John de Lancie and Mekhi Phifer
Are people 'Q'-ing up to be in this? © BBC Worldwide Productions/Starz/BBC 2011

Captain Jack and his morose band end up at the home of Angelo, who never got over meeting Jack. It seems he knows of what has been happening, including Morphic Fields…

So far it’s been possible to write most of these reviews from memory, but this time I’ve had to go back to my recording to remind me what was going on. It was that memorable!

Torchwood: Miracle Day 8 - Alexa Havins
Rex thinks Esther Drummond (Alexa Havins) has done a good job in the field. He must be from another planet! © BBC Worldwide Productions/Starz/BBC 2011

Ah, it seems I haven’t forgotten much. The major change is the appearance of John De Lancie as CIA boss man Allen Shapiro and the fact that Phi-Corp is not the bad guy, but The Families, who, we discover, have a long reach, even into the CIA. sadly, the character De Lancie is given is just a varitaion of his Q character from Star Trek: The Next Generation, an all-powerful being who cannot comprehend anyone going against his wishes. Clever casting, or just unimaginative? At least he was powerful enough to deport Gwen, and that makes him No 1 in my book.

Otherwise, well a lot of talk. The most hilarious part was Jack insisting people act ‘normal’ in the null field and then bobbing his head all over the place. ‘Normal’ he was not – but then that’s no surprise.

It still makes no sense to me why The Families have any interest in Jilly Kitzinger. Just what is so special about her? Will we find out? Guess…

Thankfully Oswald Danes continues to be an interesting character, but his part in this narrative remains obscure. Intentional? Maybe…

Another in a long line of padded out episodes, but only two to go.



[Rating: 1.5]

Jan Vincent-Rudzki

UK editor of Film Review Online