Doctor Who 6.11 The God Complex - Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill
Doctor Who 6.11 The God Complex - Wondering if anything different is going to happen, Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) and Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill) © BBC 2011

The TARDIS lands in what looks like a 1980s hotel, except it isn’t. It’s a trap, where the endless corridors echo to the sound of a Minotaur-like creature.

So for the third episode in a row the ‘enemy’ is nothing more than something going wrong. Has the concept of Good and Evil now left the series? Once again the Doctor is referred to as someone with the blood of many on his hands. Why can’t he just be an explorer? (Well, because, it seems, he knows everything already).

Doctor Who 6.11 The God Complex - Spencer Wilding
A shattering experience for the Creature (Spencer Wilding) © BBC 2011

And yet again this was set on Earth, to all intents and purposes – although I’m not quite sure why an alien prison should be designed this way (and what made it an 80s hotel?). And why did the Minotaur die after only one person rejected it? Does it get desperately hungry so quickly? It also doesn’t say much for the race that imprisoned him in the first place, feeding it with the lives of ‘innocent’ aliens.

And yet again the Who universe is tiny. It seems that Gibbis’ (David Walliams) was in viewing distance of the prison! At least it wasn’t near Earth, for a change. And do we have to have such nonsense as “the most invaded planet in the galaxy”? Does that really mean anything?

Doctor Who 6.11 The God Complex - David Walliams and Dimitri Leonidas
Gibbis (David Walliams) and Howie Spragg (Dimitri Leonidas) © BBC 2011

David Walliams as Gibbis was, well, David Walliams. Despite his impressive make-up, he was instantly recognizable, from his voice and some of his body movements. That’s the problem, though, with having played numerous roles in Little Britain. I think he was meant to be a serious character, buthe seemed there more for comic relief.

The directing was quite imaginative, and the story OK, if not very stretching, but what let down the episode very, very badly was the music. It was just WRONG. Where it should have been creepy and moody it was all bubbly and loud. I’m sure the younger viewers were frightened by quite a lot of the scenes, but with some effective music another layer of creepiness would have been added.

Then suddenly the Doctor decides to leave Amy, and Rory (who was very much sidelined this week), but do we really believe that we’re not going to see them again this season? And why did he leave her? Not to have his blood on his hands. The Doctor isn’t the main character any more, it’s either the Amy or River Song show, also starring the Doctor.

Doctor Who 6.11 The God Complex
The clown, who didn’t do anything… © BBC 2011

Then there was that clown. Ooh, he looked so intriguing in the season trailers, hinting at much, and producing absolutely nothing. What a let down.

I can’t say this was bad episode; it just wasn’t particularly good either.


[Rating: 3]

Jan Vincent-Rudzki

UK editor of Film Review Online